Tracking Devices

We Use The Latest Gps Enabled Tracking Devices With An Extended Battery Life.

<p class="western">PaperTech Investigations uses the latest tracking equipment to investigating various cases. It is critical in most cases that a person or vehicle is being followed “covertly”.</p><p class="western">This is where the mobile tracking units are extremely helpful. The units are compact and have quite an extended battery life.</p><p class="western">The high-quality units are suitable for most of our cases, whether it is for a vehicle or to place in a suitcase or anywhere else, it gives you GPS coordinates and a full report on the unit’s movement.</p>

Vehicle Tracking

<p class="western">There are circumstances when private investigators can legally put a GPS on someone’s car. In most cases when a private investigator has the permission of the owner of the car to be tracked, they can place a tracking device on it.</p><p class="western">The cost of a tracking device usually works out far less than the deployment of physical surveillance. It can be required in some cases to use both.</p><p class="western">It must also be kept in mind that, if access into the vehicle is possible, then this option should also be considered as there are pros and cons with both types of deployment. The investigators would be able to consult with the client on the best possible solution for the client’s specific needs.or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions.</p>