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Are you seeking the truth about your spouse or partner’s recent behaviour, suspect they may be having an affair.
If you feel that you are being cheated on, the odds are, you are correct. You don't however want to make a life changing decision without knowing for sure. Call PaperTech Investigations today, and we will take the time to discuss your situation with you. We know the signs, and look forward to helping you decide if hiring an investigator is the best option for you.

If you’re looking for experienced private investigators you’ve come to the right place. We conduct nationwide investigations at
fair hourly rates and no hidden charges.

PaperTech Investigations understand that this can be a difficult time for you, and that you need immediate help. We will conduct a prompt, accurate and cost effective investigation, which is discrete, confidential and obtains and evidence that you require. Our skilled Investigators can deliver all of this and-

GPS Tracking

Infidelity Investigations

Have you found yourself growing suspicious of your significant other of late? If you’re concerned about your relationship with your husband, wife, or partner and have a feeling they might be engaging in extra-marital affairs, you need PaperTech Investigations. Maybe your spouse has been arriving home recently, well after work has usually finished. Or perhaps they’re all of a sudden being protective and secretive with their phone and /or laptop. Our core services includes Infidelity Investigations.

PaperTech Investigations is not only used when catching a cheating spouse, but We can also help to document poor parenting decisions relevant to custody allegations. We recommend hiring a private investigator prior to the filing of a lawsuit. This will provide a better chance to catch your spouse when they are not on their best behaviour.

Contact PaperTech Investigations today for more info on how we can assist you with catching a cheating spouse.

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PaperTech Investigations

Infidelity Investigators In Gauteng

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Tracking Devices

PaperTech Investigations uses / rents the latest tracking equipment that we personally use for investigating various cases. It is critical in some cases that a person or vehicle is bieng followed “covertly”. This is where the mobile tracking units are extremely helpful. We offer GPS enabled mobile tracking units to clients for rental.

The units are compact and have quite an extended battery life. The high quality units are rented out on a weekly or monthly basis and it will help you solve your case with up to the minute reporting with GPS coordinates.

Whether it is for a vehicle or to place in suitcase or anywhere else, it gives you GPS coordinates and a full report on the unit’s movement Contact PaperTech Investigations today for more info on how we can assist you with all your Tracking device inquiries.

Contact PaperTech Investigations today for more info on how we can assist you with all your Tracking device inquiries.

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Cellphone Forensics

Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics relating to recovery of digital evidence or data from a mobile device under forensically sound conditions.

A cheating spouse, missing child or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need but chances are their computer, phone or portable device will. Having access to a person’s digital device is like having a giant filing cabinet full of information about them. Nearly every action performed leaves pieces of information (called “artefact”) behind. Many of these artefacts cannot be viewed or erased by a normal user.

Contact PaperTech Investigations today for more info on how we can assist you with Cellphone Forensics Services.

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About PaperTech Investigations

PaperTech Investigations is a privately owned company established in 2002. The owner is an ex-detective with over 30 years of investigating experience. PaperTech Investigations is based in Heidelberg, Gauteng, but we conduct nationwide investigations. We have a team of expert private investigators with the same experience as the owner. All investigations are done with the utmost professionalism it deserves. All cases are protected by our high level of confidentiality. We have helped many clients in the past and we can help you too. Contact PaperTech Investigations today .

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